We'll unblock drains quickly using modern technology

Blocked Drains?

Rawlins Plumbers has the experience and expertise to quickly determine the cause of blockage within the drainage system and clear the blockage as quickly and efficiently as possible, we will not only clear the blockage but clean the entire length of the drainage to ensure the drainage will operate to its full capacity.

Rawlins Plumbers clear all types of blockages in all types of drainage, including blockages in toilets, basins, showers, kitchen sinks, grates and all sewer and stormwater drainage.

Rawlins Plumbers can also provide CCTV footage of the drainage to clearly show the extent and type of blockage..

Some of the common drainage blockages include tree roots, excess hair build up, misaligned or drainage collapse, sanitary napkins, excess toilet paper or grease and fats within the drainage system.



Rawlins Plumbers clears blockages in any type of drains using a varying methods including:

Hydrojet Drain Cleaning


Hydrojet drain cleaning uses high pressure water to cut through and remove all types of blockages within sewer and stormwater drainage systems while simultaneously cleaning the inside of the pipe to ensure the drainage will run to its full potential.

Rawlins Plumbers has the hydrojetting capabilities to service all drainage types from bathroom drainage, street sewage mains and stormwater infrastructure.


Electric Drain Cleaning


Rawlins Plumbers has a selection of modern electric drain cleaning machines to quickly and efficiently clear any blockage.

Electric drain cleaning machines use a cutting head joined to a flexible rod and which rotates cutting through any tree roots and debris.

Elctro Drain Cleaner

CCTV Drainage Inspections

CCTV Drain Cleaner

CCTV drainage inspections provide a comprehensive and detailed view of the drainage highlighting any defects or blockages. This is a must for any drainage with reoccurring problems; with this information Rawlins Plumbers can form the best and most cost effective solution to any drainage problems.

CCTV Drain
CCTV Drain